Personal Insurance

We believe in four pillars of insurance protection for individuals and their families. The four pillars are Auto Insurance, Homeowners Insurance, Health Insurance and Life Insurance. Why are these protections part of our core protection philosophy? Every individual and family is different, but the protections listed or other versions of the protections listed will cover a broad spectrum of risks for many situations. It's for that reason and others that auto insurance is required by law. Home Insurance is required by banks, and health insurance is required by law. Life insurance will help protect your family's access to the other three in the event of a worst case scenario. Should the unexpected occur, will you be protected? The agents at Park and Company Insurance are here to help you use the facts available to make the best decision for the future.

Eric Hoffer says, "The only way to predict the future is to have power to shape the future"

In many ways, insurance through an independent agent like Park and Company gives you that power. Will you embrace it?

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