The Independent Agent’s Advantage

Every insurance company has an appetite for a certain clientele. For example, some insurance companies prefer older customers; some prefer younger customers, and some pay very close attention to your driving record and credit score. If you call one of many insurance companies that you see on television, you will get a rate...but is it your BEST rate. Park and Company represents MANY companies. Consistently, we save you money by finding the best insurance company for your ever-changing insurance situation.

Cut Your Cost

The first step in reducing your insurance cost is to get an "apples to apples" quote from several different insurance companies. Unfortunately, many insurance companies (especially those that encourage you to get a quote online) do everything possible to keep you from getting this information. It may look cheaper, but are you sure the coverage is the same?

Not Your Coverage

The agents at Park & Company understand insurance. When you call us, we compare prices for comparable coverage with the insurance companies most likely to save you money. With our know-how, you probably will. After we get an "apples to apples" quote, we'll talk about ways for you to stretch your insurance dollar.

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