Business Insurance

The Park Standard: Transient Advantage

Businesses are at mercy to a wave of volatile market forces driving commerce in the tech age. Has your insurance provider fully adapted to and embraced these circumstances? Only a modern independent insurance agency representing many companies can utilize the principle of transient advantage to make your business more competitive in these changing times. What is transient advantage? Rita Gunther McGrath of Harvard Business Review defines it in her publication The End of Competitive Advantage as follows "Business strategy that accepts that competitive advantages are often short lived. It focuses on innovation strategies that continually build new advantages." 1

Do you fully understand the various risks facing your business? The agents at Park and Company Insurance have spent 80 years protecting assets, limiting liabilities and embracing evolving insurance technology for Toledo area businesses. We do this by representing a broad, diverse, and expanding portfolio of insurance companies to accompany our comprehensive risk analysis services. We also understand that invariably, insurance companies do a better job of covering risks that they are familiar with. This allows us to match our clients to an ideal and contemporary insurance program. We won't rest until we provide a business insurance solution that combines the best price, coverage and service for your company now and in the future.