Our Story

Paul W. Park Sr. (1901 - 1960)

didn’t start out in Insurance. In fact, he excelled in many professions including publishing, commercial baking and manufacturing before establishing his family in the insurance business. In 1937 he started selling insurance as an independent agent to supplement his income during the great depression. He continued to do this for a decade through and after WWII occasionally sharing his knowledge of the insurance business with his son, Paul Jr.

After serving in WWII, Paul W. Park Jr. (1926 - ) worked as a mechanic at the Tasty Bread Company, a job which he grew to dislike. Paul Jr. learned about the insurance business from his father, Paul Sr. – and was inspired to start his own insurance agency to supplement income from Tasty Bread Company. In 1946, Paul Sr. generously allowed Paul Jr. to take on his insurance clients to kick start Paul Jr.’s new venture. The insurance agency was successful, Paul W. Park Jr. decided to leave the tasty bread company and sell insurance full time. Park and Company Insurance Agents grew under Paul Jr.’s leadership and switched locations before Paul Jr. passed the torch onto his sons James Paul Park and Thomas Richard Park in 1985.

James P. Park Sr. (1952 - ) and Thomas R. Park (1955 - ) each brought a unique vision for continued agency growth. James (Jim) expanded Park and Company’s excess and surplus lines offering to provide niche coverages to a broad and diverse client spectrum. Park and Company Insurance now offers hundreds of sought after risk transference programs for Greater Toledo businesses with unique needs. Thomas (Tom), a pilot, launched Park and Company Insurance’s Aviation Insurance division. Tom’s experience as both a business owner and a pilot paved the way for unique Aviation Insurance programs tailored for business owners and corporations as well as professional and hobby pilots. Today, the Aviation Division represents a broad and expanding, yet selective portfolio of Aviation Insurance providers noted for their quality and service.

In 2005, Jim and Tom moved to Park and Company Insurance to their current location, Park Insurance Center located on Park Center Ct. in Toledo, Ohio.